EUROGIA+ INFO Day in Prague


EUROGIA+ joined Technology Center ASCR and CZELO to generate project ideas

Brussels, BE – November 15, 2012,- EUROGIA+ Prague information day was held on November 7, 2012 at the premises of the Technology Center ASCR.  This event was organized by Technology Center ASCR with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and with the strong support of the Czech Liaison office for Research and Development (CZELO)

Benefiting from detailed information provided by Veronika Korittova, Energy NCP at Technology Center ASCR, Michaela Vlkova, Deputy Head at CZELO and Nil Atmaca, EUROGIA+ Head of Secretariat, the participants enjoyed an interactive information day session, especially with the participation of Czech EUROSTARS project proposers. In her presentation titled ‘activities of the energy cluster: EUROGIA+’ Nil Atmaca explained how to submit transnational energy projects and called attention to the necessity of strong collaboration between EUREKA States to provide world clean, safe, available and affordable energy. 

The explicit presentation on EUROGIA+ was followed by the presentations on EUREKA in Czech Republic and low carbon energy sector. Veronika Korittova explained the conditions of participation for EUREKA calls and the specificities for the Czech Republic by using the information material provided by Josef Martinec from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.  ‘For the budgetary period 2011 -2014,   only SMEs are eligible for funding according to the new Czech EUREKA rules. And 60% of Czech EUREKA participants from 1985 to 2011 were SMEs,’ added Ms Korittova.

CZELO office in Brussels provides free services to researchers from all fields and all research bodies in the Czech Republic. ‘Although the office´s main focuses are research and innovation framework programmes of the EU, it will provide more support related to the other funding mechanisms, including EUREKA, in the next programme period. Our strong relations with EUREKA and EUROGIA+ secretariats will enable us to be as efficient as possible in doing so, said Ms Vlkova. 

, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, supports the development of innovative low carbon energy technologies, covering the full energy mix. 

Technology Center ASCR is a key national institution for the research and development infrastructure in Czech Republic, and it carries out oriented research in the area of science, technologies and innovations

CZELO in Brussels supports the successful integration of the Czech research into the European research cooperation

Press Release EUROGIA Prague Information Day -November 7 (281.31KB)