Turkey: Towards a sustainable energy future


                    Turkey: Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

 EUROGIA+, the EUREKA cluster of low carbon energy technologies organized an information day and brokerage event under the auspices of Turk Telekom in Istanbul on October 3, 2012. This event entitled “Turkey: Towards a Sustainable Energy Future” brought together Turkish ICT and Energy sector by embracing ‘coopetitive* innovation’ between sectors, which is one of the key priorities of Turkish Eureka Chairmanship.

The information day started with the welcome speech of Enis Erkel, EUROGIA+ Board Member and the R&D Director of Turk Telekom Group.  He gave participants an insight of recent R&D achievements of Turk Telekom Group.Following the welcome speech, EUROGIA+ Chairman and the director of Wind and Marine Renewable at Acciona Energia,  Raul Manzanas  featured a presentation on how to use national and transnational funds to boost technological advancements in wind energy sector.‘75% of eligible costs of Turkish EUREKA and EUROGIA+ project proposers are provided as a grant under TEYDEB programme ‘, said Burak Tiftik, TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological research council of Turkey) EUREKA officer.

Telekom and Energy 

Keynote speeches and presentations are followed by the roundtable sessions. The theme of the first roundtable, moderated by Eurogia+ Technical Committee Member and R&D Manager of Turk Telekom, Duygu Oktem, was Telekom and Energy.  The session covered the overlap of electrical and intelligence infrastructure of Telekom and energy sector and the high growth of electricity used by ICT. ‘Today ICT is responsible for the 8% of electricity consumed in  European countries and in Turkey and this number will  increase up to 15% by 2020’, said Ms Oktem.  Prof. Dr. Taskin Kocak highlighted the importance of ICT sector in improving the efficiency of energy storage. 

 Renewable Energy Technologies

Renewable energy technologies session was chaired by Enis Erkel with the participation of distinguished speakers. Board Member of Vestel Group, Cengiz Ultav said that ‘incremental changes in both ICT and energy technologies should be embedded in real-world context and in strategies of companies.’University – Industry collaboration lied at the heart of second roundtable session. Prof. Dr. Baris Ozerdem and Prof. Dr. Barbaros Celikkol highlighted how this collaboration leads to success in developing new energy technologies. ‘Industry should not take academia’s investment in new areas for granted and bolster financial support,’ said Prof. Dr. Barbaros Celikkol. 

Brokerage event was held in the afternoon gave the floor to potential projects coming from both ICT and Energy sectors.   EUROGIA+ Office Director, Christian Besson gave explicit clues on successful project preparation. The meeting ended with the announcement of Mr Erkel, inviting Turkish Energy and ICT industry to benefit from generous grant programmes provided by TUBITAK. 

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EUROGIA+, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, supports the development of innovative low carbon energy technologies, covering the full energy mix. 

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