EUROGIA+ 2011 Summary


2011 marked a very successful year for EUROGIA+, the EUREKA cluster for low carbon energy technologies. As the number of labeled projects, supporting countries and board members increased, EUROGIA+ came out much stronger in 2011.

EUROGIA+ had a good start by organizing information days and brokerage events in Stavanger and Tallinn in January 2011. Following the information day organized in Tallinn, Estonia became the 17th EUROGIA+ supporting country. 

In February EUREKA clusters organized for the first time an inter cluster information day in Eilat under the auspices of Eureka Israeli Chairmanship.  Successive EUROGIA+ information days took place in Oslo, Paris, Madrid and in Reykjavik.

Raul Manzanas from Acciona Energia was elected as the chairman of EUROGIA+ Board of Directors. Therefore, the chairmanship passed from the most active EUROGIA+ supporting country France to Spain, whose activities in the cluster are significantly increasing. 

In June 2011, EUROGIA+ Brussels office moved to the EUREKA’s secretariat with the great support of EUREKA team. 

In November 2011 the third anniversary of EUROGIA+ was celebrated with a big event in Brussels. This meeting entitled Decarbonizing Europe and beyond attracted a big audience from Energy industry and academia. 

Two calls were open and 15 new project proposals were received and evaluated. 7 projects received EUROGIA+ label. In 2011, EUROGIA+ projects Sol-Ion and WindFarmVessel were successfully completed. ‘EUROGIA+ label enabled project partners to have an easy access to national funding’, said Christophe Jehoulet, project coordinator of Sol-Ion. 

Four new companies from four different EUREKA Member States joined EUROGIA+ Board of Directors. Volta, Turk Telekom, EADS and Tenesol bring their expertise to EUROGIA+ Board and Technical Committee.