EUROGIA+ shares information about innovative low carbon technologies in Paris & Oslo


EUROGIA+, the EUREKA cluster for low carbon energy technologies, has recently shared details of its programme at events in Paris & Oslo.

The events, known as EUROGIA+ Information Days, were attended by delegates from across the French and Norwegian energy sector and key staff from each country’s leading academic institutions.

'The opportunity to showcase our work is an essential part of our remit,' said Gabriel Marquette, the Chairman of EUROGIA+. “At the Information Days in Oslo & Paris, we were able to present EUROGIA+ and we have been able to demonstrate how EUROGIA+ is benefiting EUREKA Member States.”

The Information Day in Oslo, organized with the support of TEKNOVA  and the Research Council of Norway, showcased fifteen new project ideas of Norwegian companies and research institutes like SINTEF, Clean Silicon AS, University of Bergen, EnSol etc.

The Paris Information Day, organized with the support of DGCIS, French Finance Ministry Department was attended by over 100 participants .DGCIS officials also ran through the practical steps needed to preparing and submitting a successful project and gave information about the French funding mechanisms. DGCIS official, Johann Faure emphasized the importance of complying with the eligibility requirements, which differ from one EUREKA Member State to another.

The next Information Day will be held in Madrid on September 30 – visit the EUROGIA+ website [] to review the agenda, see the topics under discussion and to obtain registration details.