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EUROGIA2020 Board welcomes Green Power Labs


EUROGIA2020 Board grows stronger with the accession of new members. Green Power Labs, a leading global predictive analytics company specializing in green and renewable energy, joined EUROGIA Board on October 6, 2017.

Green Power Labs is a project partner of EUROGIA2020 project, "EnergyShared", developing a predictive ICT platform to address intermittency issue,  improve customer engagement and  to increase the installed PV capacity globally.   


"We are honored to be joining leading energy technology companies such as GE, Acciona Energy, Bureau Veritas, CARDTEK and many others to determine day-to-day execution of EUROGIA2020 programme and guide the team in selection and evaluation of project proposals” says CEO and the President of Green Power Labs Inc., Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski.

Green Power Labs will be represented by its CEO Alexandre Pavlovski at EUROGIA2020 Board and by Alan Cyr at EUROGIA2020 Technical Committee.


Shown is EUROGIA2020 Chairwoman, Sinem Altuncu together with Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski during
the last EUROGIA Board Meeting in Istanbul

More about EUROGIA2020: 

EUROGIA2020 is the EUREKA Cluster for low carbone energy technologies. EUREKA is a decentralized intergovernmental initiative started in 1985 to enhance European competitiveness by supporting businesses, research centers and universities that take part in trans-national projects. It addresses all innovative energy technologies that will reduce the carbon footprint of energy production and use and develop new technologies for energy such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and energy efficiency. 

More about GreenPowerLabs: 

Green Power Labs is a leading developer and service provider for predictive energy management solutions, with over 13 years of operational experience. Predictive energy management encompasses predictive analytics—providing critical weather and energy data for building and grid operations in real time—and predictive controls—using this data to optimize building and grid performance, reducing energy use, costs, and carbon footprint.

EUROGIA2020 Istanbul PO Day


EUROGIA2020 has organised Project Outline (PO) Day on October 5, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey.   Over than ten high level speakers addressed this event, including the vice minister of Science, Industry and Technology Minister, Mr Hasan Ali Celik; the Chairman of EUREKA, Mr Uusi-Honko; the rector of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca.

CEO of CARDTEK, Mr Turgut Guney welcomed participants to EUROGIA2020 Istanbul PO Day and presented CARDTEK`s goals to accomplish before the 100th anniversary of Turkish Republic in 2023.   "CARDTEK joined EUROGIA2020 with the aim of introducing new payment solutions for smart grids. " said Mr Turgut Guney.

Mr Mehmet Karaca, the rector of ITU : " Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is the only university in Turkey hosting an Energy Technopark within its campuses and ITU Technoparks overall has more than 250 companies with impressive export capacity. We are very pleased to host this event since energy is one of the core subjects for ITU."

Make better use of EUREKA: 

Turkey is among the most active EUREKA Countries and stands as a good example  in terms of number of projects generated.  EUREKA Finnish Chairman, Mr Heikki Uusi Honko invited all EUREKA Member and Associated Countries to be further involved in EUREKA Instruments to make better use of EUREKA. "The main challenge that Europe is currently facing is the lack of demand for business oriented support instruments.  EUREKA Instruments  respond to this challenge by introducing bottom approach to the European Innovation Landscape." says Mr Heikki Uusi Honko.

"Today EUREKA comprises more than 43 EUREKA Member and Associated Countries, this increases the cooperation opportunities for Turkish Participants and enables fast project generation." says the vice minister, Mr Hasan Ali Celik.

Following the key note speeches, the audience was informed about EUROGIA2020 project application and evaluation processes, funding application processes for Turkish Participants and overall activities of EUREKA Clusters.

The event had over 200 participants and more than 70  consortium building - B2B sessions  were held following the conference. During the project pitch sessions on solar, energy, smart grids and energy efficient buildings, participants presented their project ideas that could help decrease the carbon foot print. 













EUROGIA2020 Chairwoman, Mrs Sinem Altuncu  presents
a thank you plaque to the vice-minister  Mr Hasan Ali Celik. 


Laurent Midrier, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at Bureau Veritas, became the first rotating chairman of EUROGIA2020


BE- Brussels - July 1, 2016 - EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, implements one-year rotation rule for the chairmanship of its Board and Laurent Midrier from Bureau Veritas was assigned as the first rotating chairman of EUROGIA2020 as of July 1, 2016.

Laurent is Vice-President in charge of Strategy and Innovation for the entire Bureau Veritas, which is a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services. Created in 1828, BV has 66,000 employees in 1,400 offices and laboratories around the globe.

Laurent joined Bureau Veritas in 2008 and served in many roles in nuclear industry services and he was responsible for the strategy and performance of the industry business lines. He is currently in charge of Bureau Veritas mid term plan as well as building strategic partnerships and leads innovative projects in-house using artificial intelligence and digital technologies. Prior to his experience at Bureau Veritas, Laurent was a senior civil servant in charge of innovation & competitiveness policies (2005-2008) at the General Directorate of Enterprise, French Industry Ministry . He started his career in Toulouse’s region where he was in charge of the industry and environment inspection for the French Ministry of Environment (2001-2005).

As the first rotating chairman of EUROGIA2020, Laurent Midrier stated: “I am very pleased to lead EUROGIA2020 and my objective will be to turn the cluster into a leading platform for the development of low carbon energy technologies along with the support of other Board Members.

EUROGIA2020 Rotating Chairmanship:

Rotating chairmanship aims to give more visibility and duties to each member with the aim creating strong bonds among the Board. The responsibilities of rotating chairperson will be shared with a vice-chair in order to sustain balanced work load and the vice- chair will succeed the rotating chairperson following the end of his/her annual term.

More about EUROGIA2020:

EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, is a bottom-up, industry driven, market oriented programme which addresses all areas of the energy mix, from renewable energy to efficiency, and reduction of carbon footprint of fossil fuels.

For more information, please contact:

Ms Nil Atmaca
Head of Secretariat and the EU Affairs
+32 2 502 18 14


EUROGIA2020 Istanbul Information Day and Brokerage Event


Brussels, December 14, 2015 - While approaching the end of the year, EUROGIA2020 gathered together Turkish Industry Representatives and academics in Istanbul on December 11, 2015.

Istanbul information day, which was organized with the support of EUROGIA2020 Board Member Company, Cardtek Group and TUBITAK, brought together more than 80 participants who are eager to work in the fields of low carbon energy technologies and aim to generate transnational collaborations.

After a general presentation on EUROGIA2020 Programme, Mrs Sinem Altuncu, CFO of Cardtek Group, took the floor to give an industry insight into EUROGIA2020 and other EUREKA Clusters.`EUREKA helps propsers extend their network and access new markets` said Mrs Altuncu.

Cagri Yildirim, Energy NCP of TUBITAK presented national funding schemes for Turkish EUROGIA2020 applicants and gave a thorough review about EUREKA, EUREKA Clusters and EUROSTARS programmes. TUBITAK representative, Mr Yildirim shared detailed information about TEYDEB 1509 national funding programme to which EUREKA and EUROGIA2020 applicants in Turkey are entitled to apply upon receipt of EUREKA label. The brokerage session witnessed innovative energy technology ideas searching for transnational project partners.

More about EUROGIA2020: EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for energy, supports and promotes international partnerships developing low carbon energy technologies. EUROGIA2020 has a continuous project submission scheme with 4 cut-off dates per year and actively supported by 19 EUREKA Member and Associated Countries. Since 2008, EUROGIA labelled 36 projects worth 200 M Euros.

More about TUBITAK : TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) is a national agency of Turkey, which has the objective of developing science, technology and innovation policies, support and conduct research and development.

More about Cardtek Group: Cardtek is founded in 2001 to meet the growing demand in chip and payment technologies mandated by EMV standards. Cardtek together with its international affiliates is directly operating from 5 different countries; USA, Canada, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan. 



EUROGIA2020 joins the EU PVSEC 2015 with a special workshop


Brussels, April 20, 2015 - EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, will organize a special workshop on September 16, 2015 within the next EU PVSEC at CCH in Hamburg, Germany. The next European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) will include plenary, oral and visual presentations and cover the entire range of PV research, technologies and applications. In addition to the EU PVSEC conference and the exhibition, parallel events and workshops will provide a deeper insight into the specific topics.

EUROGIA2020 will organize a special workshop with a focus on how to access national funds in EUREKA Countries through EUROGIA2020 programme.  During the workshop, public authorities from EUREKA Member Countries will be present to answer the questions about national funding schemes on the spot, as well as the industry representatives to showcase EUROGIA success stories and the added value that EUROGIA programme brought.

Solar Energy Projects amount to 25 per cent of labelled EUROGIA projects since 2008, most of which are in the fields of Solar PV. Further details about the EUROGIA2020 workshop and its programme will be communicated in the upcoming days.

More about EUROGIA2020: EUROGIA2020 supports and promotes international partnerships developing low carbon energy technologies. EUROGIA2020 has a continuous project submission scheme with 4 cut-off dates per year and actively supported by 19 EUREKA Member and Associate Countries. EUROGIA labelled 33 projects worth 200 M Euros since 2008.

More about EU PVSEC:  EU PVSEC is one of the leading PV conferences in the world organized annually. The next conference and workshops will take place from 14 to 18 September, 2015 in Hamburg, Germany.  EU PVSEC attracts around 3000 participants each year.

For registration, please send an e-mail to the following address  



EUROGIA2020 Information Day in Madrid


Brussels - BE- February 19, 2015 - EUROGIA 2020 organized an information day under the auspices of CDTI ( Center for the Development of Industrial Technology) on February 18, 2015 in Madrid.  This event aimed to increase the visibility of EUROGIA2020 Programme in Spain with the strong support of our Board Member Companies : Acciona Energia and Leading Enterprises .

Spain ranks the 3rd most active country in EUROGIA2020 programme after France and Germany in terms of participation  in accordance with the attractive funding schemes of CDTI. To learn more, please visit EUROGIA -Spain Country page

Presentations from the information day can be downloaded through the following links : 

EUROGIA2020: Get your best ideas funded
ACCIONA Energia : Madrid Info Day 
Introduccion Clusters CDTI 
Financiacion de Proyectos CDTI

Energy Transition in France



Energy Transition in France and in Europe: EUROGIA2020, a tool to achieve
low carbon energy goals.

EUROGIA2020 organized a successful event on Energy Transition in France 

Brussels – December 12, 2014 - EUROGIA2020 in coordination with CNRS organized an information day and brokerage event on December 10, 2014 in Paris at IPGP. The event, tackling the ambitious French Energy Transition Bill, started with the welcome speech of EUROGIA2020 General Manager,Mr Gabriel Marquette, who is also the industry relations manager at CNRS INSU.

GDF SUEZ: First to pioneer new energy technologies
Mr Raphael Schoentgen GDF SUEZ, Director of Research & Technologies introduced the long lasting relationship between EUROGIA2020 and GDF SUEZ. Numerous Projects carried out by GDF SUEZ such as GRYHD, ENE. Field and VALENTHIN usher in the support of industry towards the transition to new energy system in France.

High Increase in Energy Consumption for mining and mineral processing
21 per cent of the global energy consumed by the industry in 2011 was used for the production of steel and cement.`This figure extracted from World Energy Outlook 2013 displays the increasing role of mining and mineral processing in energy consumption. Present 5 per cent annual growth rate for concrete, steel, aluminium and copper, used in the production of renewable and fossil fuel technologies will not be sustainable in 40 years.` said Mr Olivier Vidal, Research Director of ISTerre (Institute of Earth Sciences). Sustainable solutions are required to respond to demand and to decrease the share of mineral processing in energy consumptions.

West  Normandy:  A regional hydrogen economy demonstrator
Mr Laurent Jammes, Scientific and Technical Director, EHD2020 featured the energy potential of West Normandy and how it can contribute to energy transition in France. `About 10 GW of decarbonised electricity could be produced in West Normandy with the Hydrogen Energy Roadmap, equivalent to 10 per cent of installed capacity in France.`

BPI France: Closer to Entrepreneurs
International programmes director of Bpifrance, Mr Patrick Cornet featured a presentation of support schemes that EUROGIA2020 project proposers can benefit in France. Bpifrance provides financing to French SMEs to foster their innovation plans.  Innovation programme includes soft loans and subsidies amount to 659 M Euros. 

France : EUROGIA2020 Founding Country

Mr Dominique-Paul Warnier, High level representative of EUREKA to France, briefed the audience about the constant support of France for EUROGIA and its achievements towards the energy transition in France and in Europe. 

Presentations featured during the conference: 


EUROGIA2020 elected its new chairman


EUROGIA2020 Board elected its new chairman during the last board meeting held in Brussels on October 10, 2014. EUROGIA2020 Board has named Dr. Carlos Haertel from General Electric as Chairman, giving a new boost to EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies before the year-end. 

Dr. Haertal is currently the director of GE Global Research Europe and will assist EUROGIA2020 in its wide range activities. He took over the role from Mr Pierre Besse, Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Alliances at Bureau Veritas,who served as interim chairman since February 2014. 


EUROGIA2020 at K4I Forum High-Level Round Table


Europe’s Energy Future:

Efficiency and competitiveness through innovation and smart integration

Brussels, BE - March 19, 2014 - EUROGIA2020 General Manager, Mr Gabriel Marquette and Mr Klaus Willnow, the Director of Innovation Cooperation in Siemens Energy, participated in a high-level round table about Europe’s Energy Future. This event was organized by Knowledge for Innovation (K4I) and hosted by Jerzy Buzek, MEP in the European Parliament.

In the framework of the climate and energy goals for 2030 set by the European Commission, high level representatives from EU institutions and business confronted each other in fruitful discussions about how to achieve an integrated strategy for innovation in the energy system. 

EUROGIA2020 & RHC Platform Joint Event


Tapping the potential of renewable heating and cooling

Brussels – BE- 17 September 2013 - EUROGIA2020 and the RHC-Platform organized a joint information and brokerage event at the premises of GdFSuez on16 September. Over 70 participants from industry, research organizations and academia attended the EUROGIA2020 & RHC Joint Event, as well as public authorities from France, UK and the European Commission to present the funding schemes for R&D&D projects in the field of renewable heating & cooling. 

Marc Florette, Research and Innovation Director of GdFSuez welcomed the participants . During his presentation, he expressed that knowledge and experience sharing are key to success. To this aim EUROGIA2020 plays an important role in fostering international partnership in low carbon energy solutions.

 ‘Heat represented 47% of the final energy consumption in Europe in 2010 and 4 billion euro of investment is required to make heating and cooling technologies more competitive in the market’ said Javier Urchueguia, RHC platform Vice-President during his challenging address. Taking up this theme, Simone Landolina featured the RHC-Platform Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2013, which provides “a comprehensive view on how to increase the use of RES in H&C.

Welcome speech and keynote address were followed by projects presentations with the participation of distinguished speakers: Daniel Mugnier, TECSOL SA; Anne –Sonia Provent, GdFSuez; Christian Boissavy, AFPG; Michel Mugerwa, TECHNIP and Luisa F. Cabeza, University of Lleida. Through the impressive presentations, they showcased the importance of tapping the potential of renewable heating and cooling. 

The final part of information day was enlivened with the comprehensive addresses of public authorities. EUROGIA2020 programme and the project submission process was presented by Christian Besson. Following his speech, High Level Representative of France to EUREKA, Mr Dominique Paul Warnier took the floor to present the potential financing schemes for EUROGIA2020 projects in France. ‘The world’s first long term financial support programme for renewable heat was launched by UK in 2011’said Greg Gabriel from DECC. 

Several project ideas were presented throughout the brokerage session. The meeting concluded with a discussion group chaired by Augustin Escardino Malva, DG R&I on the Horizon2020 Programme. This event will lead to new collaborative RD&D project proposals that will accelerate the transition of European consumers and industry to renewable sources of heating and cooling.


The publication and use of slides by third parties is not authorized. 

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