Eurogia & Celtic-Next Joint call

23/06/2020 Image
Eurogia is pleased to announce the second joint call with CELTIC-NEXT cluster. This initiative will represent an opportunity to respond better to current trends that require a cross-cutting approach. We aim at expanding our knowledge, boosting visibility and promoting cooperative efforts for innovative results. The digital incorporation into the energy industry and services along its value chain is an indispensable part of energy transition, thus a priority for our cluster. We are looking to become the ultimate clean, intelligent and distributed energy ecosystem hub. The Call deadline is October 19, 2020.


-Any type of company (large enterprise; SME) and university or research organization can apply. Even companies outside the Eureka countries are eligible.

-The project consortia has to be composed from at least 2 different partners from 2 different Eureka countries (one must be from a Eureka Member country and one from Eureka member country or a Eureka Associated country).

-A typical project duration is between 2 and 3 years. 

-Our program are close to market and business needs.

-Our program has a bottom-up approach. This means you have lots of freedom in terms of your project idea. Nevertheless, it has to be within the technology scope of either cluster.

-Our program has low operating administration and management and high flexibility in case of project change. 

-Cluster label works as a quality indicator and enhances funding rate.












In order to synchronize the procedure between the two clusters, the application process will differ from the usual one. Nevertheless, the application and project general requirements remain unchanged. 

To submit your proposal you have to: 

1) Register online here and fill in the online form

2) Download and fill in the Celtic Eurogia Proposal (CEP) submission form below 

2.1) Download and use the Celtic Eurogia Proposal (CEP) guide below

3) Upload the pdf. document of the submission form online

After Submission:

-After the technical assessment, if your proposal was successful, you receive the Cluster Label. With this label, the official funding and funding negotiations can start. 
-If the proposal isn't successful during the assessment, then you can still re-submit an improved proposal for the next Call.  


Useful Links:

-Eurogia Technical Roadmap (technology scope)

-Eurogia White Book (cluster overview) 

-CELTIC-NEXT Scope and Research Area, see 

-Project Ideas presented at the Proposers Day

-Proposal Submission Portal for Joint Proposals 

-Contact Eurogia office for any eventual questions you might have. 

  • Celtic Eurogia Proposal Form - Call 2020 (426.41 KB) Download
  • CELTIC Eurogia Proposal - GUIDE (337.27 KB) Download