EUROGIA2020 - SET Plan



EUROGIA2020 - SET Plan:

EUROGIA2020 is a launching a new project call in collaboration with the European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan to encourage companies to participate in transnational collaborations to develop innovative industrial RD&D projects for low carbon energy technologies.  

Both SET-Plan and EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for energy, aim to accelerate the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies. Their common objective is to coordinate national research efforts and to help transnational energy technology projects access national funds. The SET Plan implementation plans jointly developed by the SET Plan countries [1], the European Commission, industry and research stakeholders, represent a wide range of strategic R&I actions that will be addressed in this call.  

First  call in five low carbon sectors: 
First call will be launched as of September 2018  in five low carbon sector areas of common interest to SET Plan and EUROGIA2020: solar PVCSP, wind, geothermal and ocean.This call aims to facilitate the access of low carbon energy technology projects to the national funds in committed EU Member States and EUREKA Member Countries. Applications from collaborative projects receiving EUROGIA2020 quality label will be considered by EUREKA Countries within the usual EUROGIA2020 framework.  

Applications for funding will be considered for these five technology areas. The call will fully respect the bottom-up EUREKA/ EUROGIA character and procedures.

Joint objectives EUROGIA2020 – SET Plan

·         Generating transnational, market oriented EUROGIA2020 projects in line with common SET Plan and  EUROGIA2020 objectives
·         Ensuring the active involvement of industry in SET Plan Implementation Plans through EUROGIA2020 Project Calls
·         Aligning EUROGIA2020  projects to the SET Plan targets and strategic priorities agreed by SET Plan Steering Group 
·         Using public support to lower investors` risks and boosting private investment
·         Increase Europe`s competitiveness in low carbon energy technologies

EUROGIA2020 in brief

·         Bottom-up approach involving industry, universities and RTOs to meet the key challenges
·         Wide range coverage of low carbon energy technologies to mitigate the climate change
·         Industry Oriented Approach: Designed by industry for industry
·         Flexibility: Enabling best national instruments and funding sources to develop low carbon energy technologies.

Call cut-off dates:
December 7, 2018
March 1, 2019

[1] EU 28 + Norway, Turkey, Switzerland and Iceland