EUROGIA2020 & MERIC: EUROGIA Board grows stronger



MERIC joined EUROGIA Board


Brussels, BE - 27/04/2018 - MERIC ( Marine Energy Research and Innovation Center) in Chile  has joined EUROGIA Board. 

Sharing the same ambitions brought EUROGIA2020 and MERIC together and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to initiate collaboration was signed in 2016.  Following the accession of Chiles as an Associated Country to EUREKA Network, MERIC has decided to join EUROGIA Board with the aim of generating transnational energy technology projects. 

As an 8-year project initiated by Enel Green Power and DCNS, a EUROGIA2020 Board Member Company, MERIC is designed to be an innovation hub for marine renewables both in Chile and in global arena. MERIC is supported by Chilean Government`s economic development organisation CORFO  (Corporacion de Fomento de la Producci), as well as by the Chilean development organisation Fundación Chile and the Foundation INRIA Chile.

MERIC joined forces with EUROGIA2020 to bring marine renewable energy technologies to a new level in order to achieve its ambitious yet feasible goal: becoming the global leader in marine renewables.