RKT Energy joined EUROGIA2020 Board


EUROGIA2020 Board grows stronger

RKT Energy joined EUROGIA2020 Board

RKT Energy joined EUROGIA2020 Board on March 9, 2018 in Paris. RKT energy is a Turkish project development management company engaged in the fields of Wind and Solar Energy.  In addition to its expertise in project development, RKT ENERGY provides sectoral consultancy services to the leading companies.

RKT ENERGY, developing one of the largest unlicensed portfolio in Turkey, with a total capacity of 74 MWp unlicensed solar energy projects, has an important know-how in the field of licensed and unlicensed solar energy project development services.

“Our main objective was to increase use of renewable in electricity production in Turkey. Now we aim to broaden our scope to respond to the needs of energy industry  and  to address digitalisation and sustainability challenges ” says the CEO of RKT Energy, Mr Utku Korkmaz.