LEADING has been awarded Quality Innovation Award


EUROGIA Board Member Company, LEADING has been awarded QUALITY INNOVATION AWARD 2017 by The Asociación Nacional de los Centros Promotores de la Excelencia (CEX-National Association of Centers for the Furtherance of Excellence) for its new isolated manufacturing area for beryllium machining on November 27, 2017.

In LEADING progress is born from the commitment to the customer, total involved with their needs and for a search for and development of solutions for mutual improvement.

The innovation in production and manufacturing processes are developed based on the use of advance technologies demonstrated in the NEW ISOLATED MANUFACTURING AREA FOR BERYLLIUM MACHINING.


Beryllium is an exceptionally light and strong metal. Due to its very high heat capacity and thermal neutron absorption this material is used in many industrial applications.


The global Beryllium market includes aerospace, defense, automotive, medical equipment, electronics, nuclear industry and large scientific facilities.

To produce such innovative components for these potential markets, special materials machining has created a new facility consisting of a clean work area specially designed to control pollution levels in three ways.


The facility is an isolated work zone and has strictly controlled environmental parameters covering airborne particles, temperature, humidity, airflow and internal air pressure.

Contained in the work zone there is a Machining Centre fully enclosed with the installation of a specialised fume extraction system as well as customised chip collection, security doors and a remote system view, all focusing on mitigate risk and ensuring quality and safety.

The work zone also contains a Wire Electrical Discharge Machine that has been developed to use standardized barrels with decantation filters. The cleaning area is equipped with water jets to prevent deposition of material on walls. A fume extraction system is also included to control the small amounts of material evaporated during the process.

The third way of isolation covers Personal Protective Equipment and Procedures. Personal safety clothing incorporating mask with respirator and filter, coverall with coated seams and hood, gloves, safety boots and boot covers.

To achieve mechanical solutions at the cutting edge of science, quality, performance, safety and attention to detail are paramount to us at special materials machining

More about LEADING: 

Founded in 1971, LEADING aims to provide the metal-mechanical needs of its customers and develops, together with our customers, advanced technologies to achieve innovative metal-mechanical solutions. Leading currently has more than 100 employees with an annual turnover of 14 M Euros.