EUROGIA2020 contribution in clean energy innovation


Covering the entire energy mix except nuclear, EUROGIA stands as a unique tool in the European Research Area (ERA) which mostly embraces programmes for specific energy technologies.

EUROGIA2020 is the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies. Its aim is to support and promote transnational low carbon energy technology projects in more than 40 EUREKA Member and Associated Countries.  Since 2008, EUROGIA2020 gave the EUREKA label to 41 transnational energy technology projects, enabling the project partners to access public funds in EUREKA Member and Associated Countries, including 28 EU Member States. 

Supported by 10 leading energy technology companies such as Acciona Energy, Air Liquide, Bureau Veritas, CARDTEK  ENERJISA, ENGIE and GE Oil&Gas, EUROGIA2020 is a complementary tool to the European Framework Programmes in reaching SET Plan objectives.

EUROGIA2020 responds to the technological changes

EUROGIA2020 is the only programme in the ERA covering the entire energy value chain. This enables the industry to respond swiftly to the current technological challenges and project participant companies benefit from the wide spectrum that EUROGIA2020 represents.

The period between 2008 and 2013 witnessed the large deployment of wind and solar RES across Europe and eventually led to the generation of many EUROGIA projects in these technology fields.     Now that Europe has reached the largest installed and connected PV capacity in the world and overall wind power, a wide-range international, innovation programme like EUROGIA2020 is utmost importance to address energy storage challenges related to intermittency of renewable energy. A leading ICT Company CARDTEK chose to join EUROGIA Board and got elected the chairing company with the aim of providing smart ICT solutions for energy efficiency.  EUROGIA2020 responds to the major shift from energy generation to storage, management and efficiency.

Expanding Horizons

EUROGIA2020 benefits from the expansion of EUREKA towards non-European countries and is currently the leading EUREKA Cluster in terms of generating proposals with South Africa, and has active participation of Canada in its project calls.  

The Global Stars initiative launched by EUREKA provides a multi track approach for the internationalisation of EUREKA.  This programme enables EUROGIA2020 project participants to develop R&D&I cooperation between EUREKA countries, including the associated countries South Korea, Canada, South Africa and Chile, and non-EUREKA partner countries.  Access to new and emerging markets through the Global Stars initiative makes EUROGIA2020 a more attractive funding tool for low carbon energy technology projects.

 From Industry for Industry

Led by leading energy technology companies, EUROGIA2020 has a bottom- up approach and its non – thematic project calls allow industry to focus on its needs and new market challenges abruptly.  Market oriented EUROGIA2020 projects do not only lead to the development of new energy technology products, processes and services in the market; they initiate job creation and respond to major societal challenges in more than 40 EUREKA Member and Associated Countries and beyond.