5 goals to achieve during the EUREKA Spanish Chairmanship

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5 goals to achieve during the EUREKA Spanish Chairmanship (2016 - 2017)

EUROGIA2020 Board put froward ambitious yet feasible goals that will inspire the energy industry during the EUREKA Spanish Chairmanship (2016 - 2017).  

Spain is the leading EUROGIA2020 country in terms of project submission and EUROGIA2020  has the objective of turning this local interest into a broader one, encompassing all the EUREKA Member and Associated countries.

EUROGIA2020 Goals 2016 -2017

- Integrating Research and Technology Organisations into EUROGIA Board : EUROGIA2020 aims to have RTOs from key EUROGIA2020 supporting countries as full members in order to have balanced country  representation in its Board and to extend its activities beyond industry. Development oriented RTOs  from Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Turkey with project generation capacity are invited to join EUROGIA2020 Board. 

- Implementing Rotating EUROGIA2020 Chairmanship: EUROGIA2020 adopted rotating chairmanship for its Board with the aim of giving responsibility as well as the visibility to each of its Board Members.  EUREKA Spanish Chairmanship (2016 -2017)  will mark the first year of this adopted action.  Laurent Midrier, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation from Bureau Veritas, is assigned as the first Rotating Chairman of EUROGIA2020 Board for year 2016 -2017.

- Extending EUROGIA2020 Activities in Spain : EUROGIA2020 has two active Spanish Board Members : Acciona Energy and Leading Enterprises in its Board both in terms of project submission and commitment to EUROGIA2020 activities. EUROGIA2020 encourages new Spanish Energy Technology Companies to join EUROGIA2020 Board and to bring their expertise. This will help improve the Spanish success rate within EUROGIA2020, which already stands as an example for other EUREKA Countries.

- Internationalisation of EUROGIA2020 - Chile, the first target country :  Chile is soon to join EUREKA Family with a new initiative entitled Global Stars, enabling the cooperation with non - EUREKA Countries. EUROGIA2020  signed an Memorandum of Understanding with MERIC in Chile (Marine Energy Research and Innovation Center) to pave the way for collaborations and generate transnational projects with their participation. EUROGIA2020 will provide its full support in Chile`s EUREKA journey and aim to actively participate in pilot calls. 

-EUROGIA2020 moves forward to new territories - Circular Economy : EUROGIA2020 will give special focus on circular economy,a field beyond its Technology Roadmap.  Valorization of waste and recycling key materials will help European Industry remain competitive in a world where Europe`s share of industrial output is shrinking. It is critical that industry industry takes the lead in putting world on a more sustainable path. This objective endorsed by COP21 will be promoted and supported by transnational EUROGIA2020 projects. Energy Storage and Smart Cities, which is a joint EUREKA Cluster Initiative, will continue to be core activity areas during Spanish EUREKA Chairmanship.