Energy Transition: EUROGIA2020, a tool to achieve low carbon goals


Energy Transition: EUROGIA2020, a tool to achieve low carbon energy goals

EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, is organizing an information day and brokerage event with support of the French Public Authorities  on December 10, 2014 in Paris at IPGP (The institute of Earth Physics of Paris).

This event brings together high level speakers from GdFSuez, French Administration and funding agencies to assess how innovation can help achieve Energy Transition in France. The new bill sets ambitious targets to reduce the overall energy consumption, while increasing the role of renewables. EUROGIA2020 with its proven experience in fostering innovative collaborative projects can help Member States meet objectives which were set at EU and national levels. The conference will be followed with a brokerage session where energy project ideas searching for partners are presented.

EUROGIA2020 supports and promotes international partnerships developing innovative projects in low carbon energy technologies. Between year 2008- 2013, EUROGIA labelled 29 projects worth 200 M Euros and enabled their access to national funding in 41 EUREKA Member Countries.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday December 10, 2014. 

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  • Welcome SpeechCNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research)

  • How technological innovation can help achieve energy transition, Mr Raphael Schoentgen, Director of Research and Technologies, GDF Suez

  • The role of minerals in energy production, Mr Olivier Vidal, Research Director at the Institute of Earth Sciences CNRS (French National Center for Research)

  • A regional demonstrator of the hydrogen economy in West Normandy, Mr Laurent Jammes, EHD2020 Technical and Scientific Director & ACTYS General Manager

  • Public Support for low carbon energy technologies in France, Mr  Dominique- Paul Warnier, High Level representative of France to EUREKA, DGE (Direction Generale des Entreprises)

Buffet Lunch

  • Presentation of EUROGIA2020 activityMr Christian Besson, Office Director ofEUROGIA2020 & Mr Gabriel Marquette, General Manager of EUROGIA2020

  • Funding Opportunities for French ParticipantsMr Patrick Cornet,  Responsible for collaborative international programmes, Bpifrance

  • Brokerage session – Participants are invited to present their potential project ideas to create transnational project consortia

  • Face-to-face meetings – Meet the industry representatives to explore collaboration opportunity