EUROGIA2020 Fact Sheet


A brief review of what is EUROGIA2020 :


COSIA Challenges: Calls for projects to deliver accelerated improvement in environmental performance through collaborative action and innovation


COSIA (Canada`s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance) identified challenges to achieve its aspiration to produce oil with lower greenhouse gas emissions. COSIA challenges aim to mobilize the minds and resources of external stakeholders and global solutions providers. 

Challenges are as follows :  

Downhole Stream Generation
Enriched Combustion Air
Natural Gas Decarbonization
Water and Energy Recovery
New Heat Exchanger 
Pressure let down  

For further information and submission, please visit COSIA Challenges.  

Energy Transition: EUROGIA2020, a tool to achieve low carbon goals


Energy Transition: EUROGIA2020, a tool to achieve low carbon energy goals

EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, is organizing an information day and brokerage event with support of the French Public Authorities  on December 10, 2014 in Paris at IPGP (The institute of Earth Physics of Paris).

This event brings together high level speakers from GdFSuez, French Administration and funding agencies to assess how innovation can help achieve Energy Transition in France. The new bill sets ambitious targets to reduce the overall energy consumption, while increasing the role of renewables. EUROGIA2020 with its proven experience in fostering innovative collaborative projects can help Member States meet objectives which were set at EU and national levels. The conference will be followed with a brokerage session where energy project ideas searching for partners are presented.

EUROGIA2020 supports and promotes international partnerships developing innovative projects in low carbon energy technologies. Between year 2008- 2013, EUROGIA labelled 29 projects worth 200 M Euros and enabled their access to national funding in 41 EUREKA Member Countries.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday December 10, 2014. 

For registration  



  • Welcome SpeechCNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research)

  • How technological innovation can help achieve energy transition, Mr Raphael Schoentgen, Director of Research and Technologies, GDF Suez

  • The role of minerals in energy production, Mr Olivier Vidal, Research Director at the Institute of Earth Sciences CNRS (French National Center for Research)

  • A regional demonstrator of the hydrogen economy in West Normandy, Mr Laurent Jammes, EHD2020 Technical and Scientific Director & ACTYS General Manager

  • Public Support for low carbon energy technologies in France, Mr  Dominique- Paul Warnier, High Level representative of France to EUREKA, DGE (Direction Generale des Entreprises)

Buffet Lunch

  • Presentation of EUROGIA2020 activityMr Christian Besson, Office Director ofEUROGIA2020 & Mr Gabriel Marquette, General Manager of EUROGIA2020

  • Funding Opportunities for French ParticipantsMr Patrick Cornet,  Responsible for collaborative international programmes, Bpifrance

  • Brokerage session – Participants are invited to present their potential project ideas to create transnational project consortia

  • Face-to-face meetings – Meet the industry representatives to explore collaboration opportunity



ZOZ: After Siemens and AIRBUS became the third German Board Member Compnay of EUROGIA


Zoz is after Siemens and Airbus became the third German "Board-Member" company at EUROGIA. Prof. Zoz attended his first committee meeting at the EUREKA-Office on October 9, 2014. 

Zoz GmbH is the core and the materials-company of Zoz Group and a small but global player in equipment and nanostructured materials manufacturing looking back on more than 20 years experience in this field. 



KOREA EUREKA DAY 2014 will take place in Oslo from 26th to 28th May, 2014.

KOREA EUREKA DAY is the premium R&D matchmaking event, linking Korean and European researchers, policy makers and innovation players. This year about 80 representatives of Korean companies, research institutes, universities and SMEs will join European Industry Representatives  in Oslo.

The first day will start with thematic sessions during which EUREKA Cluster Representatives both from ICT and Energy will play an active role. EUROGIA2020 General Manager, Mr Gabriel Marquette will moderate the session of Green Technologies on May 26 , where European and Korean Industry Representatives will work on how to generate transnational projects. 

For further information and registration, please visit  Korea EUREKA Day 2014 .

EUROGIA2020 at TENNERDIS Information Day


EUROGIA2020 General Manager, Gabriel Marquette is participating at the Information Day organized by TENNERDIS on December 18, 2013 in Grenoble to present EUROGIA2020 Programme.

This event organized by TENNERDIS, the cluster for development of new energy technologies, aims at presenting  various funding programmes  to the stakeholders in Rhones-Alp region. EUREKA representatives will be in Grenoble together with EUROGIA2020 General Manager to deliver the latest information about EUROSTARS programme.

For registeration, please contact Ms Céline Fallot.

9:30   Présentation d’Horizon 2020  

            • Les nouveaux dispositifs en faveur des PME

            • Focus sur les appels à projet sur la thématique  « Energies sûres, propres et efficaces » et le programme du FCH-JU

10:10 Participer à un projet européen :

            Quels enjeux, implications et retombées pour une PME ?  

            Comment monter un projet compétitif pour répondre à un appel à proposition européen ?

10:40 EUROGIA2020 et Eurostars : des programmes d’accès aisé pour les PME
11:30 Témoignage PME (à confirmer)
11:45 Rendez-vous individuels avec Vitamib, EUROGIA ou Tenerrdis.



EUROGIA& UK Joint Funding Mechanism :Successful Launch Event July 10, 2013


The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change,  in collaboration with Eurogia+ and Technology Strategy Board organized a launch event for the new funding mechanism for low carbon energy technology projects on July 10th in London. 

Over 100 industry representatives attended the information day and more than 10 project ideas on 4 technology areas : offshore wind, wave and tidal, carbon capture and storage, and energy storage were presented during the brokerage session.

 Visit the UK country page to have further information on funding conditions. 


EUROGIA2020 & RHC Platform Joint Event


Tapping the potential of  Renewable Heating and Cooling 
EUROGIA2020 & RHC-Platform Joint Event 

Date : Monday, September 16th, 2013
Time : 14:00-  19:00  
Venue: GdFSUEZ 
Direction Recherche & Innovation
1 - 2 Place Samuel de Champlain
Faubourg de l’Arche

EUROGIA2020 and the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling (RHC-Platform) are organizing a joint information day and brokerage event under the auspices of GdFSuez in Paris on September 16th, 2013. 

Heat represents roughly half of the final energy demand in Europe. According to the Common Vision of the RHC-Platform, over 25% of heat consumed in the European Union in 2020 could be generated with renewable energy technologies and by 2030 RHC technologies could supply over half the heat used in Europe. Tapping the full potential of renewable heating and cooling will require the development of reliable, efficient and affordable technology.

This event aims at bringing together stakeholders from the renewable heating & cooling sector, as well as public authorities from key countries to present the funding schemes for R&D&D projects in the field of renewable heating and cooling.  
During the brokerage event, participants are invited to present their possible project ideas to set up successful project consortia and can get individual consultation with EUROGIA2020 and Public Authorities on any questions they may have. 

EUROGIA2020 & RHC-Platform Joint event will include high level speakers from GdFSuez and other leading industries, key EUROGIA2020 supporting countries and from the European Commission. 

To register to this event, please return the completed to  and 

 EG__RHC_16_09_2013_registration_form__2_ (724.99KB)

EUROGIA2020 : The EUROGIA+ Programme continues its growth


EUROGIA+, the EUREKA cluster for low carbon energy technologies, is delighted to announce that its mandate as a EUREKA Cluster has been renewed on June 19, 2013  by the EUREKA member countries.

 For more information, please visit : 



EUROGIA+ at Korea Day 2013


Korea EUREKA Day will be held in Istanbul on 28 -30 May in Istanbul. 
This event jointly convened by Kore Institute of Advancement Technology (KIAT), Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) and the Turkish EUREKA  chairmanship aims at generating innovative EUREKA projects and bringing closer Korean and European industry representatives. This three days event will be enlivened with the matchmaking and informative seminars. 

EUROGIA+  will be actively participating in EUREKA Korea Day 2013 and  our general manager, Gabriel Marquette will chair the clean environment & efficient energy matchmaking seminar.