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The S3P-Energy is a joint initiative of the Directorates-General for Regional and Urban Policy, Energy, and the Joint Research Centre (JRC). The S3P-Energy is planned to become an enabling tool for regions to coordinate, rationalise and plan their respective energy strategies, develop a shared vision on knowledge-based energy policy development, and set up a strategic agenda of collaborative work. 

The main objective of the S3P-Energy is to support the optimal and effective uptake of the Cohesion Policy funds for energy, and to better align energy innovation activities at national, local and regional level through the identification of the technologies and innovative solutions that support in the most cost-effective way the EU energy policy priorities. The S3P-Energy will contribute the EU energy policy priorities by facilitating partnerships between EU regions that have identified renewable energy technologies and innovative energy solutions as their smart specialisation priorities and by promoting alignment between local, regional, national and European activities on energy sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply.

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Cardtek is searching for partners for its EUROGIA2020 project


CARDTEK, global leader in chip and payment technologies, searching for international partners for its EUROGIA2020 project  “INPV-Track”

INPV – Track aims to introduce novel ICT based technologies for PV tracking. Main goal of this project is to use sun’s solar radiation as an energy source with the most efficient way by benefiting from ICT based technologies.  First phase of the project aims at conveying a literature analysis to define the state of the art and coming up with a reference architecture based on the defined system level and functional requirements. Based on the defined reference architecture, cloud service infrastructure and hardware infrastructure (PV Panel, PV Inverter and PV battery) will be designed and developed. In parallel mobile applications as well as reporting and management applications will be defined and implemented. Final phase of the project will be to define test and validation plan to run demonstration and validation activities. Read more

EUREKA Innovation Week in Stockholm - April 26&29, 2016


EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 embracing the theme of smart cities will be organized in Stockholm under the auspices of EUREKA Swedish Chairmanship.     

Strong focus will be given to international collaboration with the help of EUREKA Associated Countries:Canada, South Africa and South Korea and thematic events, as well as exhibitions, showcasing the smart city activities of EUREKA Clusters will accordingly take place. In line with this spirit, EUREKA Clusters will moderate thematic sessions on smart cities in order to bring forth industry perspective. 

Innovative energy technologies coupled with ICT drive the development of smart cities.EUROGIA2020 General Manager, Gabriel Marquette will chair the session on "Living Labs, Co-creation of cities" introducing a multilateral approach to smart city planning, along with a speaker from ITEA3 project, C³PO (Collaborative City Co-Design Platform).

For more information and registration, please visit EUREKA Innovation 2016 webpage. 

EUROGIA Board is growing stronger


Brussels, October 5, 2015 - Abengoa, a leading company for sustainability in the energy and environment sector, joined EUROGIA Board. ABENGOA aims to generate transnational energy technology proposals within EUROGIA programme alongside EUROGIA Members and other international partners.

EUROGIA General Manager, Gabriel Marquette said  "Abengoa, with its experience in EUROGIA call for proposals, will bring an added value to our Board and cooperate with other members to help achieve our aim to reduce the carbon footprint". EUROGIA Board is composed with energy technology provider companies and has overall responsibility for determining EUROGIA strategy and Technology Roadmap. 

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Abengoa applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating electricity from renewable resources, converting biomass into biofuels and producing drinking water from sea water. Abengoa’s business is structured around three activities : Engineering and construction, concession-type infrastructures and industrial production.

EUREKA: 30 Years of making history


Watch the full version of  EUREKA 30 years anniversary video and discover how EUREKA projects have an every day impact of people. 


ITEA3 Call 02 PO Preparation Days


22 & 23 September 2015:
ITEA 3 Call 2 PO Preparation Days 2015
Brussels - Belgium
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The 6th Korea EUREKA Day will be organized in Seoul on May 20&22,2015.  This event organized by  Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) will provide a platform to strengthen dialogue between Korea and other EUREKA Member Countries.  Parallel sessions on different technology fields will be held to generate project proposals involving both Korean and European partners. 

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Cardtek Group joined EUROGIA Board


Cardtek Group specialised in payment technologies joined EUROGIA2020 Board in March 2015. The Group aims to bring its expertise in energy efficiency domain and build partnerships with other Board Member Companies. EUROGIA2020 Board consists of 13 key energy technology players. 

Cardtek Group is founded by three entrepreneurs in 2001 to meet the growing deman in chip and payment technologies mandated by EMV standards.Cardtek Group is composed of 6 fully owned subsidiary companies. Together with its international affiliates, the Group is directly operating from 5 different countries; USA, Canada, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan.


EUROGIA2020 centrado en el desarrollo de tecnologías de baja emisión de carbono, organiza una jornada informativa en Madrid.


Fecha : Miércoles 18 de Febrero de 2015
Hora : 10h a 13h
Lugar: Salón de Actos del CDTI; C/Cid nº4 ; 28001; Madrid
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El Clúster EUREKA de energía, EUROGIA2020, centrado en el desarrollo de tecnologías de baja emisión de carbono, organiza una jornada informativa en Madrid.

EUROGIA2020 promueve y apoya consorcios internacionales para el desarrollo de proyectos de I+D en tecnologías energéticas de bajas emisiones de carbono. Los participantes españoles de estos proyectos se benefician de la financiación de proyectos internacionales del CDTI.

EUROGIA2020 cubre toda la cadena de valor de la energía y ha concedido su sello a 31 proyectos por un valor de 200 millones de euros entre los años 2008 -2014

South Africa declared its support for EUROGIA2020


                     South Africa declared its support for EUROGIA2020 

South Africa declared its support for EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies. Today 19 EUREKA Member Countries are supporting EURGIA2020 Cluster along with South Africa. Supporting Countries provide their political support and embrace clusters as tools to achieve national R&D objectives. 

South Africa will be invited to lend its official support to EUROGIA2020 at EUREKA level during the next NPC/HLG Meeting which will take place on 17-19 March in Geneva.