EUROGIA2020 Istanbul PO Day




The Turkish Minister for Science, Industry and Technology Mr. Faruk Ozlu confirmed his participation at EUROGIA2020 Istanbul PO Day on October 5, 2017 

EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, is organising a project outline (PO) day  in Istanbul, Turkey on October 5, 2017.

Supported by CARDTEK, ENERJISA, RKT Energy and TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Center of Turkey), this event aims  to generate transnational energy technology projects.  Three pitching sessions will be organised in the fields of solar energy, smart grids and energy efficient buildings. However, participants focusing on other energy technology fields are highly encouraged to join

We have the pleasure of hosting, among others, following distinguished guests at our EUROGIA2020 Istanbul PO Day.  The Turkish Minister for Science, Industry and Technology Mr. Faruk Ozlu, the Finnish Chairman of EUREKA for 2017-2018 Mr Heikki Uusi-Honko and the vice-president of TUBITAK Mr. Ilker Murat Ar. 

Turkish and European Representatives of SIEMENS, YINGLI Solar, Air Liquide  confirmed their participation  as well as those of leading Turkish Companies TUPRAS, NETAS, and Arcelik. 

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EUROGIA2020 contribution in clean energy innovation


Covering the entire energy mix except nuclear, EUROGIA stands as a unique tool in the European Research Area (ERA) which mostly embraces programmes for specific energy technologies.

EUROGIA2020 is the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies. Its aim is to support and promote transnational low carbon energy technology projects in more than 40 EUREKA Member and Associated Countries.  Since 2008, EUROGIA2020 gave the EUREKA label to 41 transnational energy technology projects, enabling the project partners to access public funds in EUREKA Member and Associated Countries, including 28 EU Member States. 

Supported by 10 leading energy technology companies such as Acciona Energy, Air Liquide, Bureau Veritas, CARDTEK  ENERJISA, ENGIE and GE Oil&Gas, EUROGIA2020 is a complementary tool to the European Framework Programmes in reaching SET Plan objectives.

EUROGIA2020 responds to the technological changes

EUROGIA2020 is the only programme in the ERA covering the entire energy value chain. This enables the industry to respond swiftly to the current technological challenges and project participant companies benefit from the wide spectrum that EUROGIA2020 represents.

The period between 2008 and 2013 witnessed the large deployment of wind and solar RES across Europe and eventually led to the generation of many EUROGIA projects in these technology fields.     Now that Europe has reached the largest installed and connected PV capacity in the world and overall wind power, a wide-range international, innovation programme like EUROGIA2020 is utmost importance to address energy storage challenges related to intermittency of renewable energy. A leading ICT Company CARDTEK chose to join EUROGIA Board and got elected the chairing company with the aim of providing smart ICT solutions for energy efficiency.  EUROGIA2020 responds to the major shift from energy generation to storage, management and efficiency.

Expanding Horizons

EUROGIA2020 benefits from the expansion of EUREKA towards non-European countries and is currently the leading EUREKA Cluster in terms of generating proposals with South Africa, and has active participation of Canada in its project calls.  

The Global Stars initiative launched by EUREKA provides a multi track approach for the internationalisation of EUREKA.  This programme enables EUROGIA2020 project participants to develop R&D&I cooperation between EUREKA countries, including the associated countries South Korea, Canada, South Africa and Chile, and non-EUREKA partner countries.  Access to new and emerging markets through the Global Stars initiative makes EUROGIA2020 a more attractive funding tool for low carbon energy technology projects.

 From Industry for Industry

Led by leading energy technology companies, EUROGIA2020 has a bottom- up approach and its non – thematic project calls allow industry to focus on its needs and new market challenges abruptly.  Market oriented EUROGIA2020 projects do not only lead to the development of new energy technology products, processes and services in the market; they initiate job creation and respond to major societal challenges in more than 40 EUREKA Member and Associated Countries and beyond.



Visit to TEKES and to the Finnish EUREKA Chairmanship



EUROGIA2020 Chairwoman and Cardtek EVP SİNEM ALTUNCU and General Manager Gabriel Marquette met with EUREKA Chairman, Mr Heikki Uusi-Honko  at TEKES premises in Helsinki, Finland. 

The aim of this meeting was to present EUROGIA2020 2017 - 2018 objectives to the EUREKA Finnish Chairmanship Team and meet TEKES Energy Experts. Both sides exchanged in-depth views on EUREKA Clusters and their objectives during the Finnish EUREKA Chairmanship. EUROGIA Representatives continued their trip in Finland with visits to VTT, a leading Finnish Technological Center and WICETEC, a wind turbine ice prevention system supplier company.

New EUROGIA2020 Chairwoman, Sinem Altuncu


New EUROGIA2020 Chairwoman, Sinem Altuncu 

Sinem Altuncu, CARDTEK became the chairwoman of EUROGIA2020 as of July 1, 2017. Last year EUROGIA2020 has  implemented one-year rotation rule for the chairmanship of its Board and Laurent Midrier from Bureau Veritas was  the first rotating chairman of EUROGIA2020 between July 2016 -2017. 

Sinem  began her career in banking sector and served in several roles including branch manager and resident vice president at CITIBANK, before having become CFO at CARDTEK in 2010.  She is currently the Head of Grants & Incentives at CARDTEK. 

CARDTEK provides innovative end-to- end payment solutions for financial institutions, processors, telecom operators, personalisation bureaus, retailers, terminal and card vendors and last but not least public transportation authorities to more than 150 customers in 25 countries.

As a leader company in online and chip payment systems, CARDTEK has been involved in EUREKA Clusters since its launch in 2011 and currently one of the the most active companies in EUROGIA2020 programme in terms of project generation. "Covering the entire energy mix except nuclear, EUROGIA stands as a unique tool in European Research Area (ERA) which mostly embraces programmes for specific energy technologies", says Sinem Altuncu. Under Sinem`s leadership, EUROGIA2020 aims to increase the number of projects and to incorporate new energy technology companies and RTOs in its Board. 

InnoGlobal 2017 Call


CDTI (The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology ) has officially launched InnoGlobal 2017 on April 3, 2017.The Deadline of the Call is next 5th of June. All labelled EUREKA and EUREKA Cluster Projects proposals between 2016, July 2nd till 2017, October 2nd are eligible for this Call.  


EUROGIA PO Days Dusseldorf - March 13&14, 2017


EUROGIA2020 together with NRC (National Research Council of Canada) organised Project Outline (PO) Days on March 13 – 14 2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany. This event took place in junction with Energy Storage Europe 2017 and brought together Canadian and European Energy Storage Industry. NRC carefully selected 10 key energy storage technology companies from Canada to help generate successful energy storage technology projects with partners from other EUREKA Member and Associated Countries.

PO Days started with the conference session including the key note speech from EUROGIA2020 Chairman, Mr Laurent Midrier and continued with the panel session from representatives of key EUROGIA2020 supporting countries.  “Every R&D project requires competency from numerous fields and countries. Technological advancements can no longer be achieved only at national level” said Laurent Midrier, Chairman of EUROGIA2020. The Panel Session consisted with the speakers from CDTI Spain,(Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology),  NRC – IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Programme of Canada), RVO (The Netherlands Enterprise Agency),  PT Juelich (Project Management Agency) Germany,  TUBITAK ( Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and ZIM (The Central SME Innovation Programme of  Germany).  Energy Storage topic is among the top priorities of many EUREKA Member and Associated Countries and the speakers of panel briefly presented the national funding programmes of their respective countries covering the energy storage field and other energy technologies.

EUROGIA2020 programme grants the EUREKA label to successful transnational low carbon energy technology projects and provides the basis to qualify for national funds in EUREKA Member and Associated Countries.  Key EUROGIA2020 supporting countries such Canada, Spain and Turkey lend their consistent support to EUROGIA2020 programme and help EUROGIA2020 in achieving in its low carbon targets. 

The panel session was followed with project pitches and 13 project ideas in the field of energy storage technologies are presented. 35 project development sessions are organised both on March 13- 14, 2017 with active participation from EUROGIA2020 Board Member Companies Acciona Energy, Air Liquide, Cardtek and ENERJISA.

Canadian Booth at the Energy Storage Europe 2017 exhibition area was made available for further discussions and B2Bs on March 14, 2017. 



ENERJISA, the market leader in Turkey offering diversification across the energy value chain, decided to join EUROGIA2020 Board on March 8, 2017.

Established in 1996, ENERJISA became one of the leading players of the growing and developing electricity market of Turkey with the aim of developing the entire electricity value chain; customer and market oriented business models, electricity generation, sales and distribution businesses based efficiency and technology with its competitive strategies.

EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, acknowledges the importance of ENERJISA`s participation at EUROGIA Board.  “ENERJISA with its significant contributions to efficiency focused electricity distribution will be a great added value to our Board and programme”, said Mr Laurent Midrier, EUROGIA2020 Chairman.

EUROGIA2020 contributes to low carbon energy technology development since 2008 and help develop transnational energy technology projects in more than 40 EUREKA Member and Associated Countries.  EUROGIA2020 is the ideal tool for ENERJISA to generate transnational proposals and build up strong partnerships with existing Board Member Companies.

Mr Murat Pinar, General Manager of ENERJISA Electricity Distribution Companies which serves 20 millions of consumers in Turkey, presented their focus on transnational collaboration projects and their objective to active participation at future EUROGIA2020Calls.

ENERJISA Distribution companies have 24 national and transnational R&D projects since 2013 and the aim to increase this number in the coming years.

Mr Murat Pinar, ENERJISA and Gabriel Marquette, EUROGIA




EUROGIA2020 PO Day in Dusseldorf - March 13, 2017


EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, is organising a brokerage event in Dusseldorf, Germany on March 13, 2017 within Energy Storage Europe 2017

This event supported by NRC (National Research Council Canada) aims to bring Canadian Energy Industry together  with its European counterparts to generate transnational energy technology projects.The main theme of the brokerage event will be energy storage; however, participants focusing on other energy technology fields are also encouraged to join. 


EUROGIA2020 is a European-based industrial Cluster of the EUREKA network supporting innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D projects in the area of Low-Carbon Energy Technologies. EUROGIA2020 stimulates and facilitates R&D projects in an open community of stakeholders. Since 2008, this cluster has enabled the development of 41 projects involving a broad spectrum of technologies from cost-effective energy sources to enabling technologies.


The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has launched an action plan to facilitate Canadian SME participation in EUREKA Cluster Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) projects. Select SMEs and research organizations may be supported to attend the EUROGIA2020 Project Outline (PO) event taking place on March 13, immediately preceding the Energy Storage Europe 2017 Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany. Read More

Participation is free of charge and participants are requested to register before March 3, 2017.  For further information, please contact

EUROGIA2020 is supported by 20 EUREKA Member and Associated Countries

Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, South Africa,Turkey and UK.

EUROGIA2020 is led by key energy technology companies

EUROGIA2020 is led by key energy technology and management companies: Air Liquide, Acciona Energia,  Bureau Veritas, CARDTEK Group, DCNS, ENGIE, General Electric, Leading Enterprises, SAFT, and ZOZ.

Key Milestones in Spain & EUROGIA relations


Spain ranks second most active EUROGIA2020 country after France. Let`s have a quick look at the key milestones in Spain - EUROGIA relations.

The interest of Spanish industry for EUROGIA gradually increased by the time the industry acknowledged EUROGIA as the tool for true partnerships. CDTI  was a strong support through this journey and its attractive soft loan scheme was the key reason of high Spanish involvement in EUROGIA project calls. Moreover, EUROGIA Spanish Board Members Acciona Energia and Leading Enterprises improved this high success rate by generating good quality projects with partners from other EUREKA Countries.



EUROGIA2020 & MERIC: Expanding Horizons



EUROGIA2020, the EUREKA Cluster for low carbon energy technologies, aims to expand its horizons through collaboration with MERIC (Marine Energy Research & Innovation Centre) in Chile. EUROGIA2020 is a bottom-up, industry driven, market oriented EUREKA programme, which addresses all areas of the energy mix, from renewable energy to efficiency, and reduction of carbon footprint of fossil fuels.

As an 8-year project initiated by Enel Green Power and DCNS, a EUROGIA2020 Board Member Company, MERIC is designed to be an innovation hub for marine renewables both in Chile and in global arena. 

Sharing the same ambitions brought EUROGIA2020 and MERIC together and they signed a Memorandum of Understanding to initiate collaboration and to generate transnational energy technology projects in the field of marine renewables and beyond.


MERIC is supported by Chilean Government`s economic development organisation CORFO  (Corporación de Fomento de la Producción), as well as by the Chilean development organisation Fundación Chile and the R&D Foundation INRIA Chile.MERIC joined forces with EUROGIA2020 to bring marine renewable energy technologies to a new level with the aim of achieving its ambitious yet feasible goal: becoming the global leader in marine renewables.

The centre will focus on six domains during its 8-year mandate:  Marine resource assessment, site characterization, bio-fouling, bio-corrosion, environmental and social impact, and technology adaptation to extreme ocean conditions.  Distinctive Chilean sea conditions will allow MERIC experts to tackle maintenance problem, which is entailed as a major technology challenge by EUROGIA2020 Technology Roadmap for marine renewables, especially for Ocean Wave Power Generation.

A new EUREKA initiative: Global Stars

Chile is soon to join EUREKA Family with a new initiative entitled Global Stars, enabling the cooperation with non - EUREKA Countries.  Main funding agency behind MERIC, CORFO ( Corporación de Fomento de la Producción) signed a declaration of intent with EUREKA for a multi-lateral joint call within the scope of Global Stars. EUROGIA2020 aims to carry out the cooperation with MERIC under the umbrella Global Stars and actively participate in the pilot calls.