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    Juana Sanchez Perez
  • Function
    EUREKA Clusters and Umbrellas Coordinator

Address : CDTI - Centro De Desarrollo Tecnologico Industrial
Calle del Cid, 4 28001 

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Spanish Funding Rules

Consortium: SMEs and Large Companies are eligible. R&D centers and universities have no direct funding, but can participate through subcontracting through a Spanish company

Technology focus: Generic

R&D Projects:

Call: always open (but it is necessary to have the E! EUROGIA2020 label before receiving the funding)

Criteria: Only R&D activities  Duration : 1-3 years

Budget: minimum 175k Financing conditions: up to 75% credit of eligible costs where up to 30% is not reimbursed.

Eligible costs: personnel; depreciation of instruments and equipment; consumables; subcontracting research or technical knowledge, patents or licensed; other supplementary costs and overheads.

 Additional conditions:

•Minimum total budget by Spanish company €175k. The company must prove its financial capacity to cover a minimum of 30% of the total budget for the project with their own resources.

•Credits with Euribor interest and long-term amortization (10 years) that covers up to 75% of the total budget for the project and up to 30% is not reimbursed for international technological cooperation projects. Projects need to have the E! EUROGIA2020 label to benefit from the non-reimbursable part. The non-reimbursable part is subject to availability of funds.

•Companies can receive 25% of the credit in advance, up to €200,000.

•Tax relief report

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