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  • Coordinator
    Ales Mihelic
  • Function
    EUREKA High level representative
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Introduction :The EUREKA funding scheme in Slovenia is based on the Program for stimulating technological development and innovation in 2013. Co-financing is based on state aid; all financing is assured by public finances.

After receiving confirmation of selection at Eurogia+ SI partners must apply to national Eureka 2013 call.

No thematic restrictions. After receiving an application, a formal evaluation is carried out. All complete applications are sent to national evaluators who assess the application according to PAM. Results are communicated within 3 months. National call is published on 

Restrictions:At least one of the Slovenian participants has to be an industrial partner.  A maximum of 3 projects per participant are allowed in one budgetary years. Other national conditions.

Type of fundingGrant

Type of organizationFunding % of eligible costsMaximum funding received (in €)Additional information

SME   :   50%  of eligible costs. Max. funding received 100.000 € per year, per project partner
LARGE COMPANY  :  40% of eligible costs. Max. funding  received  100.000    per year,per project partner
UNIVERSITY : 40%   of eligible costs. Max. funding received 100.000   per year, per project partner
RESEARCH ORGANISATION : 40% of eligible costs. Max. funding received 100.000€ per year, per project partner