• Coordinator
    Terence O'Donnell
  • Function
    Eureka Cluster's contact. Programme Manager
More Information

Application Procedure

At as early a stage as possible, participants should contact the Eureka NPC or their Advisor in the relevant agency, to discuss their Eureka application and receive advice on funding prospects.If the funding prospects are OK, then participants should proceed with their consortium application to Eureka or the Eureka Cluster programme.

·   For Eureka Clusters programmes;

o   The proposal will be evaluated by the Cluster and if successful given the Cluster label.

o   The application to the national programme for funding should be made after the proposal has successfully attained the Cluster label.

·   For Eureka Individual Projects;

o   The application to the national programme should ideally proceed in parallel with the Eureka application. The national evaluation is used as input to the Eureka evaluation.

o   Eureka labelling of the project is required before final approval of the national funding.

·   The national application should follow the normal application procedure of the national programme. However the national application can and should refer as much as possible to the Eureka application.

·   National applications are evaluated in the normal manner, on a case by case basis according to the rules of the relevant national programme.

 National Programmes & Funding

·   Typically companies can seek funding through the R&D funding programmes operated by Enterprise Ireland or IDA Ireland.

·   Further details of the Enterprise Ireland R&D Fund for companies can be found at the following link; R&D Funding

·   Further details of IDA Irelands Incentives for R&D can be found at the following link; incentives  

·   RPOs can seek funding though the International Research Fund operated by Enterprise Ireland. Note RPOs are only eligible for funding if there is an Irish company as part of the consortium100% grant funding will be available up €250,000 to cover additional research costs (salaries, travel, materials etc) associated with project.

·   In all cases the rules of the various national programmes, regarding eligibility, grants rates, eligible expenditure, maximum funding, etc. apply.

·   In all cases the national funding agency should be satisfied that a company seeking national funding has the potential to derive a benefit, proportionate to the national funding being sought, through the exploitation of the results of the proposed project or otherwise.

·   Participants are also welcome to self-fund their participation in projects.