• Coordinator
    Inga Bruskeland
  • Function
    NPC Eureka

The Research Council of Norway
Ms. Inga Bruskeland
National Project Coordinator
Division for Innovation - EUREKA / Eurostars
Stensberggaten 26

More Information

Financing Eureka Projects in Norway:

Although there are no earmarked budgets for EUREKA projects in Norway, all public Norwegian support facilities for industrial research, development and innovation might be regarded as Norwegian EUREKA money.

The Research Council of Norway has launched an initiative called ‘Pre Project Support’. Eurogia2020 Norwegian Project Participants can apply for 12.000 euros (max 50 % of actual cost) grant to prepare their Project Outlines.  Any registered Norwegian company can apply.


Projects in Norway

CO2 Field Laboratory for Monitoring & Safety Assessment: ...

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The objective for the OCPEPS project is to deliver an open computing platform for those developing...

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The objective of the proposed project is the development/demonstration of an integrated tool,...

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The FAMUS project will provide a method for decision maker to understand and assess flow assurance ...

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Land seismic is a vital part of securing both the discovery and efficient production of oil and gas....

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