Present responsabilities :

  • Director of research “Emerite”CNRS°°
  • Head of the Structural Biology and Microbiology Institute ( January 1, 1998-september 2007)
  • Head of Protein Engineering and Bio-energetic Laboratory (UPR9036 CNRS) ( January 1, 1994 – September 2007)
  • Vice-Presidente of the French Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society.
  • Vice-Présidente of the Comité National de Biochimie Academie des Sciences
  • Vice-Présidentedu « Collectif Androméde-Conseil Régional Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur »
  • Member of the Directing Committee Energy Program of the CNRS
  • Member of the Scientific committee of the BRGM

Member of the CAPENERGIES cluster (administrative committee and strategic committee).

Principal achievements :

  • Discovery of new metalloproteins and determination of their structure-function relationships.
  • Electron transfer mechanism.
  • Energy and metabolism of anaerobic bacteria.
  • Evolution of bacteria based on phylogenetic trees.
  • Biotechnological environmental industrial applications involving bacteria such as thiobacillus ferrooxidans (bioleaching) and sulfate reducing bacteria (bioremediation of heavy toxic metals).
  • Renewable Bioenergies

Publications : 220 in international refereed journals