Jean-Pierre Keustermans is a Materials Science Engineer graduated in 1988 from University of Louvain in Belgium.

He spent more than 25 years in various R&D environments ranging from pure academic to pure industrial application world.

-Jean-Pierre started his R&D career at the University of Louvain in Belgium by a PhD on "Fractal fractography and fracture mechanic". He spent then 5 years at the Research Facilities of Shell-Chemical, first in Belgium and then in Amsterdam on improving low temperature impact resistance of a new engineering thermoplastic polymer.

-In 1999, Jean-Pierre joined Laborelec where he became active in the department of Materials Technology, advising Electrabel on issues related to high temperature materials, essentially dealing with hot gas path components of gas turbines.

-In 2004, he became responsible for R&D projects management with a progressively enlarging scope, first on Materials & Mechanics of CCGT technologies, then enlarging to all R&D activities that improve operational excellence of operated CCGT and Renewable technologies in the GDF-SUEZ Groups, addressing Availability, O&M Cost, Efficiency, Flexibility and Environmental footprint (> 5M€ R&D activities). In the mean time, he became also responsible for coordinating a large spectrum of prospective R&D activities (>1.5M€) for assessment of emerging Renewable technologies such as Wind-offshore, Concentrated Solar, Tidal & Waves Marine, Biomass conversions and Biogas technologies.

-Since 2013, Jean-Pierre is in chage of the coordination of the Collaborative Research activities at Laborelec, which involves setting up collaborative projects and their potential (public) funding construction for a selected portfolio of topics of strategic importance for Laborelec.