Marcos Perez

Technical and Business Development Manager


Eurogia+ Board Representative:
Marcos Perez

Leading Enterprises Group (From May 2008 – )
Position: General Technical & Business Develop Manager
Location: Los Corrales de Buelna (Cantabria)

Information about the Group: Grupo Leading Enterprises. San Felices de Buelna 39409, Cantabria, Spain. It develops industrial projects and advanced products from engineering and innovation in the fields of mechanics, mecano-weld, auxiliary technologies of smelting, manufacture of tools and plastic injection of special properties, operating mainly within the aeronautical sectors, railway, nuclear, renewable energies and automotive industries. The group has different business units at international level (Spain, England, Sweden, China and Morocco) and a Technological Center of Development, more than 400 workers, and it invoices 40M€/year, with important clients at world-wide level.
Description of the position: Strategic diagnosis. Planning and development of the economic and strategic objectives of the company. Development and approval of marketing and sales plans across all lines of the company. Analysing strategies for the purchase of new companies for the Group and to identify business opportunities that allow growth. Realising flowcharts and processes. Establishing commercial policies. Developing a commercial team for world-wide sales. Recruitment, training, direction setting and management of a team. Realising processes to detect duplicity and to optimize costs. Evaluating and qualifying the existing positions of the company versus wage and needs of the company.
Establishing long-term strategies and plans, oriented to R+D and technological restructuring. Definition, design, creation and consolidation of different business areas in collaboration with our division (or Center) of Advanced Technology “Foundation Leading Innova”, experts in Mechanical Design and Technologies of Advanced Processes.
Capitalizing on the experiences gained by subsidiaries in other countries and important groups and companies at an international level (VESTAS, SIEMENS, GAMESA, IBERDROLA, AREVA, ITER-F4E, ENSA, ENRESA, ACCIONA, INDRA, MTU, EADS, AIRBUS, BOEING, NISSAN, MERCEDES, SEAT, BOSCH, GRUPO ANTOLIN, RENFE, FEVE among others), maintaining a close relationship with its General Managers and Directors of Departments. Close relationship with investment partners (DEMETER PARTNERS, BANK of SANTANDER, CAIXANOVA among others) to establish financial support for new activities of the company.