Dr, Henning Zoz

CEO & President of ZOZ Group


Dr. Henning Zoz spent a good part of his life in forming Zoz Group and particularly in developing processing technologies / manufacturing equipment for Mechanical Alloying, High Energy - and Reactive Milling which he concludes as High Kinetic Processing (HKP).

With this equipment and with his team he in 2000 started into materials manufacturing such as nanostructured powders, layers, bulk parts and semi-finished products. Zoz has over many years been involved in Research Projects in Materials Science and Process Engineering being responsible for a number of acknowledged inventions (CMB-materials, cycle operation, NdFeBmagnetic filter system, Zentallium® , Hydrolium® , H2Tank2Go® and other). Thus in 2012, the first public bridge (Rosenthal-bridge, County of Olpe) has been set-up in Germany built by Zoz High Performance Cement (FuturZement/FuturBeton). He holds a number of patents and trademarks, published more than 50 papers and has been teaching at numerous universities and institutes all over the world. Due to his expertise in energy storage materials and energy storage, including integration and drives, Zoz became a prominent address, when it comes to cost-effective utilization of renewable energy sources for mobile and stationary applications (H2 Mobility, base-load capable CO2-free power plant). Since 2004 he is an invited professor at CIITEC-IPN where he also earned his Doctoral Degree in Advanced Technology at summa cum laude. Since 2009 he is a Chair Professor and since 2008 a member of the Implementation and Assessment Committee for the Overseas Education Program at Ritsumeikan University. 

Zoz is the first non-Korean member of the Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute, a member of the Metal Powder Industries Federation, the German Powder Metallurgy Association, the German Ceramic Society, the German Enamel Association, the Powder Metallurgy Committee of the Chinese Society of Metals, the Powder Metallurgy Association of India as well as a member of the center of excellence in fuel-cells NRW. Zoz is one of the founders and main organizers of the German-Japanese Symposium on Nanostructures and a member of a number of program/advisory committees all over the world. Since 2010 he is a board member and since 2012 deputy chairman of M-E-NES which is the operating association of the demonstration city for electro-mobility Bad Neustadt/Saale in the state of Bavaria which shall impact H2-electro-mobility there, too. Similar to this has been working as a member of the Mobility Experts Group of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research in the state of North Rhine Westphalia in 2011. Since 2013, Zoz is a board member of "Nano in Germany" and NMWP (Nano-Micro-MaterialsPhotonic) and a member of the Innovation Arena of BAST, the German Federal Office for Street-affairs. Since 2014, after Siemens and Airbus, Zoz is the third German member of the decision making body of EUROGIA2020 (EUREKA).