Herve Lefebvre

System Development Unit Director


 Education and Training

University of Paris VI, France, Physical Science, PhD, 1988

Professional Experience

Hervé Lefebvre has 24 years experience with Saft, being currently responsible for the development of new battery systems within the Industrial Battery Group in Saft. He is based in Bordeaux, France. He was previously Manager for the Li-ion Division, and has held different positions within the Saft organization such as production manager, process engineering manager and cell development engineer.


- Thermodynamic study of corrosion of iron in NaNO3 – NaNO2 mixtures, J. Electrochem. Soc., 134, 52 (1987)

- Use of impedance measurements for studying the effect of acidity on the corrosion of iron in the molten equimolar NaNO3 – NaNO2 mixture, Proc. of the joint inter’l symposium on Molten Salts (Honolulu, Oct 87), The Electrochem. Soc., Inc., Vol 87-7, page 1028

- Voltametric investigations of the oxygen electrochemical systems in molten sodium nitrate at 420°C, Electrochim. Acta, Vol 33, No. 4, pp 545-549, 1988

Synergistic Activities

Saft representative Member of the Board and Treasurer of EUROGIA+, a EUREKA cluster for Low-Carbon Energy Technologies.